Mirkka Metsola designs for FABRICATION-Finlayson 190 anniversary show

I´m proud to be part of Finlaysons 190 anniversary show at Tampere Art Hall TR1. The opening party is on saturday 21.8. at 3pm-6pm, and it´s free for everyone. The FABRICATION -show will be open till end of september.

All Designers of the show:

Anni Arela & Maija Arela, Tiia Vanhatapio, Antti Asplund, Liisa Urrila
Maria Jokela, Terhi Pölkki, Taina Laaksonen, Outi Aho, Anna Mattelmäki Sunna Kangas, Mirkka Metsola, Milla Laitinen, Jaakko Selin, Oona Tikkaoja

My art piece is designed from the Finlayson print "Ajatus".

My work is called "Mielen takana" (Hiding behind your mind), and it contains two dresses which are called "Romahdus" (Collapse) and "Harmonia" (Harmony). Black and white panda is not the main character in my movie.

Go check it out!



p.s. Pictures of the show later..